Breakfast menu is available from 6:30am until 11:30am Monday- Friday.

All meals are prepared fresh to order. Gluten free bread is available upon request.
Prik nam pla is a traditional Thai sauce of chilli, garlic, lime and fish sauce.
O-cha Chinese Leek Dumplings $10.00

grilled and served with a Thai-style sauce

Em's Bircher Muesli $9.00

with natural yoghurt and dressed with grated apple

Crispy Fried Eggs $15.00

with avocado & housemade tomato chilli jam. Served on sourdough toast

Laos Sausages $16.00

served with wok-fried eggs, steamed rice, crunchy herb salad and tomato chilli jam

Khao Tom Gai $12.00

Aromatic Thai rice soup w/ chicken, ginger and poached egg

Fried Rice $14.00

with marinated pulled pork, wok fried egg and prik nam pla

Vegetarian Fried Rice $14.00

with wok fried egg and prik nam pla

Em's Scrambled Eggs $12.00

with onion, tomato, spinach and (optional) chilli. Served with sourdough toast

Thai-Style Omelette $13.00

with oriental mushrooms. Served with steamed rice and prik nam pla

Cucca Sardines $12.00

with Japanese mayo, lemon and rocket on sourdough toast

Avocado on Toast 8 $15

with Tomato Chilli Jam

Fruit and Nut Toast $4 $7


Laos Sausages $ 6

Halloumi, avocado or scrambled eggs $ 5

Bacon or Portobello Mushrooms $ 4

Wilted Spinach or one Poached/Wok Fried Egg $ 2

Tomato Chilli Jam or Prik Nam Pla $ 1.50

Thai Street Food

Lunch menu is available from 12:00pm until 3:00pm Monday- Friday.

All meals are prepared fresh to order and can be made spicy or mild according to personal preference.

About Isaanภ“คอ’ส“น Isaan food from North-East Thailand is distinctively bright and fresh, with a focus on stir-fried meat and salads. It is famous for robust aromatic flavours and a balance of sour, salt and spice.
Som Tum $13.00

Fresh green papaya, chilli, garlic, tomato, peanuts, fish sauce and lime. Served with rice noodles.

vegetarian option available using soy sauce instead of fish sauce

Yum Neur / Thai Beef Salad $14.00

Slices of beef with ground sticky rice, coriander, mint, lime, chilli, onion and carrot. Served with steamed rice.

Laab / Chopped Mince Salad Beef (Neur) / Chicken (Gai) $13.00Fish (Pla) / Prawn (Gung) $14.00

Isaan dish with coriander, mint, lime, chilli, onion, carrot, cabbage and khao khua (sticky rice powder). Served with steamed rice.

Pad Kapow / Holy Basil Stirfry Beef (Neur) / Chicken (Gai) $13.00Prawn (Gung) $14.00

Thai holy basil (kapow), chilli, garlic and vegetables. Served with steamed rice.

Garlic Pepper Stirfry Pork (Moo) $13.00Prawn (Gung) $14.00

Garlic, peppercorn, coriander root and sweet soy with stirfried greens. Served with steamed rice.

Ginger Roots Stirfry Vegetarian / Chicken (Gai) $13.00Fish (Pla) $14.00

Fresh ginger root, onion, garlic and vegetables. Served with steamed rice.

Jay Pee Said / Vegetarian Stirfry $13.00

Tofu and shitake mushrooms with vegetables and soy sauce. Served with steamed rice.

Vegetarian Tofu Laab $13.00

With khao khua (sticky rice powder), coriander, mint, lime, chilli, onion, carrot and cabbage. Served with steamed rice.


We use Campos Superior Blend Coffee, Jersey Milk Company Milk and Bonsoy Soy Milk and are fully licenced.

Chai & Dandelions are made in-house and made as lattes.





Flat White


Hot Chocolate

Espresso $3.00 Espresso with Milk $3.80 Large $4.50

Cup sizes in ounces

Add $0.50 for Bonsoy, syrups, extra shot, decaf

Iced coffees and Chocs $6.00

Cold Drip Coffee $3.80

Served on crushed ice

Iced Cuban $3.00

Espresso poured over crushed ice plus a dash of milk and sugar syrup

Iced Latte $3.80

Espresso poured over crushed ice and carefully filled to top of glass with milk and sugar syrup

Bottled Cold Drinks

Charlies Limeade, Orange & Mango Juice and Raspberry Lemonades

Phoenix Cola, Ginger Beer, Lemonade